Job market experts have good news for summer job seekers

Job market experts have good news for summer job seekers

In 2008, the Great Recession hit its peak, forcing many businesses to close their doors and left many people without jobs. Nearly ten years later, experts say the job market is thriving.

Laura Dresser with the Center on Wisconsin Strategies said there are always reasons to be weary of future growth, as it depends on how national and international markets do. She does, however, reassure that the next few months look promising for job seekers.

“We’ll see a lot of ‘help wanted’ signs out,” Dresser said.

She said there are a few fields with more openings than others, including construction, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and food service.

The current state unemployment rate is around four percent and the unemployment rate for the city of Madison is at 2.5 percent. Dresser said it’s not just people filling out applications who benefit from the rates.

“Even for people who are working, lower unemployment rates mean that maybe they’re able to ask for more time off to take a kid to the doctor or that they’re able to ask for extra shifts,” Dresser said.

She said many surrounding businesses will offer written applications inside their doors, but that it’s also important to look for them online.