Jill Biden campaigns for husband in Madison, Trump campaign continues knocks for Biden’s heavy digital focus

MADISON, Wis. — It’s getting down to crunch time for Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

With just more than a month until Election Day, both candidates are fighting for Wisconsin’s vote.

Jill Biden visited Madison on Monday as part of a get-out-the-vote event, where she used her knowledge of her husband’s character and his track record to try and get Wisconsinites to vote for him.

“Over the years I’ve been continually inspired by his resilience and his optimism,” Biden said. “Even in the face of so much destruction he had this unshakable faith in the future, and I think we need resilience and hope now more than ever.”

The visit was welcome to her group of supporters, out even in the rain and despite a pandemic to cheer her on.

“I don’t want to wake up on November 4th and think I at least didn’t try to show my support outwardly,” said Sharon Cooper.

For some of those still undecided, Madison College political science professor Maurice Sheppard said the campaign will have to make a pitch in person.

“At some point he will have to come to some of the larger metropolitan areas: Milwaukee, Madison,” Sheppard said.

The Trump campaign is using Biden’s lack of physical presence to their advantage.

“It took 674 days for the Biden Campaign to find Wisconsin on a map,” said Anna Kelly, a spokesperson for Trump Victory. “Meanwhile, for the sixth time this year alone, President Trump will campaign in Wisconsin again on Saturday.”

Sheppard doubts the importance of the state is lost on Biden, and with Biden leading now he said waiting may just be part of the strategy.

“My assumption is that they are waiting until it gets closer to the election where it can have a much greater impact,” he said.