JetBlue crew saves dog during flight using oxygen mask

JetBlue crew saves dog during flight using oxygen mask
Michele Burt
French bulldog "Darcy" receiving oxygen while traveling with her owners on a JetBlue flight from Orlando, Fla. to Massachusetts.

A Massachusetts couple is crediting two JetBlue flight attendants for saving their dog’s life.

Michele Burt was traveling with her husband and three dogs from their vacation home near Orlando back to their primary residence in Westminster, Mass.

During the flight, their 3-year-old French bulldog Darcy started showing signs of distress.

Burt said Darcy’s tongue and gums were blue and she was panting frantically. Flight attendants Renaud Spencer and Diane Asher brought ice bags to help her cool down.

Then, Spencer brought an oxygen tank with a mask so Darcy could more easily breathe.

Burt said the pup rebounded in just a few minutes and was fine for the rest of the flight. She wrote a letter thanking JetBlue and its crew for keeping Darcy alive and healthy.