Jeffy Trail road expansion project halted

Council votes down Jeffy Trail expansion 11-8
Jeffy Trail road expansion project halted

The Madison Common Council voted 11-8 Tuesday to stop the expansion of a road project on the southwest side that residents didn’t want to see happen.

Residents have been vocal about not wanting Jeffy Trail extended because the city’s plan would cut into a bike path at the end of the road.

A city plan to update the High Point-Raymond neighborhood includes extending the Jeffy Trail, connecting it to Raymond Road. City planners said the area is growing, and that means the streets need to as well. The project was approved by the city’s Planning Committee last week.

The city argued the project will connect neighborhoods, spread out traffic, and reduce emergency response times.

“Does a street network allow for efficient delivery of services, whether it be picking up garbage, plowing snow, school buses, things of that nature. So having this southern connection makes a lot of sense to us,” Dan McAuliffe, City Planner, said.

But neighbors have opposed this plan from the start. Charlie Thomas has lived in the area for two years and said the trail played a factor in their decision to move to Jeffy Trail.

“You meet people down there. It’s great,” he said. “It’s a disappointment to us in that cutting a road through those nice woods.”