Janesville residents share their feelings about postponed Presidential visit

President Trump

JANESVILLE, Wis. – While it was one of the last events President Trump scheduled prior to announcing he had COVID-19, a rally in Janesville is one of the first missed due to his time in the hospital.

“I was devastated to hear that he had caught Coronavirus,” said Dan Hunter, a Janesville resident who had made plans to attend the rally. “All kinds of people excited about it at work. They were going to come down here and try and come in, because they were only going to allow so many people in.”

Trump’s visit would have been just a mile down the road from Bucky’s Lucky Bell, where owner Joe Quaerna says he was excited about the possibility of a sitting President being so close by.

“We felt we would’ve been a good spot for people,” Quaerena said. “When they were done there, they’d come here.”

Yet others say once the President announced his intentions to visit, they noticed many had mixed reactions.

“My news feed was full of (people saying excitedly) ‘I can’t believe he’s coming!’ to (people saying sadly) ‘I can’t believe he’s coming,” said Will Natz. “I’m actually glad he’s not coming. I feel like it’s a better situation for all of Janesville. I think there would be aggression and I appreciate the aggression not showing up.”

The Trump campaign says the President’s visit is “postponed indefinitely”, but did not clarify if it would be rescheduled at a later date. For now, supporters say they’re hopeful he’ll recover soon.