Janesville police search for homicide suspect, asks for help from public

The Janesville Police Department is searching for a homicide suspect accused of shooting a man to death outside of a house party Sunday morning, according to officials.

Officials identified the suspect as Corvasie Weaver, a 24-year-old from Joliet, Illinois. Police said they have not been in contact with Weaver yet, and it is possible he could be a danger to the public.

“While we feel Mr. Weaver is dangerous, we don’t think that he would pick out anyone in random fashion,” Lt. Charles Aagaard said.

Police said Weaver and the victim, identified as James Chestnut III, knew each other previously and were engaged in an argument before the incident.

This incident marks the first homicide of the year in Janesville.

“Fortunately, here in Janesville, we have relatively few homicides. Our last homicide occured nearly 12 months ago in January 2019,” Deputy Chief Terry Sheridan said.

Officials ask that if the public sees Weaver, to not approach him and call local law enforcement.