Janesville police arrest man found walking on roof

Man found with stolen smoking materials
Janesville police arrest man found walking on roof

A 19-year-old Janesville man has been charged with a variety of charges, including burglary. after residents called police to report a strange man on top of a roof, according to Janesville police.

Police said the incident happened just before 2 a.m. Thursday in the 300 block of Park Avenue in Janesville.

According to police, the resident said he saw a man walking on the roof of a home before seeing him jump off and run away. Police said officers saw the man, who took off running when they arrived.

Police arrested Anthony Wesley, 19, following a lengthy foot chase. Police said they found Wesley had smoking materials in his possession, which a resident said was stolen from his house.

Police also said two CD players and a laptop computer were found in the path of travel of the suspect, but the owner of these items is unknown.