Janesville Performing Arts Center offering free concerts this summer

JANESVILLE, Wis. — Expanding its adapted 2020-21 season, the Janesville Performing Arts Center is offering free outdoor shows this summer.

Students gathered at JPAC on Saturday morning to take an improv class. The spring season classes for students are smaller this year. Fifteen students, all in masks, gathered in a room meant for 100 people.

The main performance space for JPAC has been open for audiences below the county capacity guidelines.

“We had a sell out a few months ago in here, and at 10% capacity you’re looking at 50-60 people,” said JPAC Executive Director Nathan Burkart.

Being adaptive is apart of the performance center’s history. The building was originally a high school and was later renovated in two parts. One section is apartments for rent, and the second is the Janesville Performance Arts Center.

And they have worked hard to keep the curtain up.

“Our earned revenue has taken a big hit this year and without the help of our community we wouldn’t be in the position where we are able to offer a bunch of free programs in the summer,” Burkart said.

This summer JPAC will offer a series of free performances at outdoor venues in the area. The events will be by reservation only to keep attendance low in accordance to gathering guidelines.

Piano Fondue will play two of the free shows.

“We cannot wait to get back to in person events again so we can have those people out there singing along, and clapping and shouting,” said Piano Fondue founder Joshua Dupont.

Reservations to see Piano Fondue at JP Cullen Pavilion start on April 12. They can be made by calling the JPAC box office.