Janesville mobile home fire fueled by damaged gas line, JFD says

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A Janesville home suffered thousands of dollars in damage this week after an unintentional fire was fueled by a damaged gas line, fire officials said.

The Janesville Fire Department responded to a report of a mobile home fire Sunday at 3315 South Highway 51. A neighbor called in the fire after hearing a hissing sound and seeing large flames coming from the side of the home.

Crews arrived to find a gas meter and side of the home on fire, according to the report. The natural gas was turned off and the fire was extinguished. Damage was contained to the exterior of the home.

No one was home at the time of the fire, and no injuries were reported, including none to any firefighters.

Fire officials siad a joint investigation by the Janesville Fire Dept.  and technicians from Alliant Energy concluded that electrical current arced, causing a hole through a flexible gas tubing line, adjacent to the natural gas meter (on the customer’s side of the meter), causing a fire fed by natural gas that impinged on both the gas meter and the side of the mobile home.

The home sustained $2,500 damage, the fire department said.