Janesville looking for volunteers to finish rebuilding handicap-accessible playground

Volunteers needed to help install rubber surfacing
Janesville looking for volunteers to finish rebuilding handicap-accessible playground

Orange fencing and “closed” signs have surrounded CAMDEN Playground for nearly eight months, but the city is getting closer to reopening the handicap-accessible playground.

Janesville Parks & Recreation posted on Facebook asking for volunteers to help install rubber play surfacing for the playground at Palmer Park. The parks department said the structure of all the play pieces and swings are in place, and the rubber matting is one of the last parts needed before the playground can open.

In the Facebook post, the parks department said installing the rubber play surface is very similar to concrete.

“The rubber and adhesive are mixed in mortar mixers, poured into a form and troweled to a semi-smooth finish. This process is a sizable effort that is made easy with the help of volunteers,” the parks department said.

CAMDEN playground was originally built in 1993, but after decades of use, it was in need of major repairs . Community members tore down the playground in August 2016 and started to rebuild it, but didn’t have enough volunteers to finish the project before winter. The city took over and hopes to have the playground back open in time for summer.

The parks department said the temperature has to be above 50 degrees, with no rain expected, to install the rubber surfacing. No date has been set for the installation, but Parks Director Cullen Slapak said he was looking at early May. Anyone interested can comment on the Facebook post or call the parks division at 608-755-3025.