Janesville company says it’s prepared to make 200,000 reusable masks for medical workers and first responders

JANESVILLE, Wis. – Janesville-based company Monterey Mills says it is prepared to make and distribute 200,000 machine washable face masks for medical workers and first responders.

President Dan Sinykin says the company, which normally uses fabrics to create things like cloth paint rollers,  first got the idea last week.

“We got together and said how can we help?” Sinykin said. “We ended up creating something that really didn’t exist.”

Sinykin said the cloth mask, which is intended to be worn over an N95 protective mask, could save medical workers who are quickly running out of options for personal protective equipment.

By Sunday, the design was done. On Monday night, hospitals from across the country had began to put in orders.

“We basically changed our production schedule this week. Have of the yardage we produce this week will be for fabric for protective equipment,” he said.

Sinykin is hopeful by Friday, Monterey Mills could begin producing between 10,000 to 15,000 masks each day. His goal is to launch a website, SafemasksUSA.com, in the next two weeks. The website would allow members of the public to purchase the masks individually.

“My goal is that if any hospital, any police officer, any EMT, any social worker, anyone that’s in harms way, or is in a harmful position that doesn’t have a mask to protect themselves, would have one,” he said.