Janesville cold case search turns colder

Janesville cold case search turns colder
Georgia Jean Weckler

After one week, deputies in Rock Co. have suspended the search for the remains of Georgia Wreckler. Before the dig began the tipster was interviewed multiple times and even came to the site with investigators

The specially trained dogs they brought to the site corroborated the information they got from the man. Despite that, nothing was discovered and the search halted Friday afternoon. “With the information we had with the dogs hitting on it there were a lot of high hopes,” says Capt. Todd Christiansen with the Rock Co. Sheriff’s Office.

They put down their shovels after an exhaustive search of a vacant lot on Eright and Rotamer roads in Janesville. Investigators were hoping the dig would thaw a more than six-decades old cold case. Unfortunately the only thing they uncovered were animal bones.

“Nothing of human remains or anything like that, no jewelry nothing that we believe is in reference to the cold case,” says Christiansen.

The search for clues as to what happened to 8-year old Georgia Weckler unfolded next to Sue Boettcher’s back yard. “It was all brush like that all the way across.”

She says before investigators started digging they talked to her and her husband about the case. “I didn’t pay much attention until Sunday morning when I heard chain saws going and I came out and all the trees were gone.”

Their family has lived there more than 35 years. She says their children used to play in the lot when it was just a wooded area. She too was optimistic about the search. “I was glad if they can do this and they have the resources to do this it would be a wonderful thing.”

By Friday afternoon the possibility of recovering anything from the 1947 case had vanished. Captain Christiansen says the case will remain open. “We’ll talk with our reporting person a little bit more next week and if he doesn’t come up with anything we can follow up on, I guess it ends there until something new comes up.”

A local construction company, Marklein Builders, had begun clearing brush from the property before the Sheriff’s Office began digging up the site.

That was in preparation for the Janesville School District’s Advanced Construction classes which were scheduled to begin building a home on this site. District leaders say the class will begin next month as scheduled but the students will use a different site.

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