Janesville bar will still play music

Janesville bar will still play music

A Janesville bar owner who says his club was unfairly targeted because of the music it played will get to keep hosting concerts.

The Janesville City Council said the owners of the Back Bar have one month to work with the police department and come up with an action plan to improve safety.

Janesville’s Alcohol License Advisory Committee and the police department had recommended the City Council suspend live music at the Back Bar for 120 days after someone fired a shot in the bar’s parking lot following a hip-hop concert last month. 

Janesville City Councilman Tom McDonald said the council voted unanimously Monday night to give the bar a chance to clean up its act.

Janesville bar will still play music

“(The Back Bar) started to accept ownership of the situation and said they would work with the police department as to what could change and that response satisfied the council and the police department enough to where we’ll give it a month,” McDonald said.

McDonald said if the alcohol advisory committee and the police department aren’t satisfied with the changes, the owners of the bar will have once again go in front of the city council and could face more severe consequences.

Bob Kerman, co-owner of the Back Bar, said he plans to better communicate with the police and minimize the risk at all events.

He said he will have 16 new security cameras installed outside of the building.