J.J. Watt returns to his roots

Hosts fourth annual Foundation run/walk
J.J. Watt returns to his roots

J.J. Watt says he remembers where he came from.

That’s why he came back to his hometown of Pewaukee, Wisconsin to host his fourth annual J.J. Watt Foundation Run/Walk event.

Watt’s become one of the NFL’s top defensive players with the Houston Texans, but that journey started in Pewaukee.

After starring at Pewaukee High School, he went to Central Michigan, transferred to Wisconsin and left school after his junior season to enter the NFL.

Watt says he always thinks about his hometown and the people who helped him on his football journey.

“To me, it’s way more a credit to the people who raised me– my parents, people in the commmunity, coaches  – everyone who surrounded me, it’s such a cool thing to share with them, because they really made me who I am,” says Watt.

“I took their guidance and everything that they taught me and tried to bring it to fruition and be the best man that I can be. But I was very fortunate to have a great support system growing up. But it’s so exciting and so cool to see the impact that we’ve all had on kids both in Texas and Wisconsin.”