‘I’ve missed coming to the pool’: Goodman pool opens for the summer

MADISON, Wis. — The city’s largest pool opens for the summer and is allowing more people in than its seen in a year.

Another way to cool off from the heat this weekend, the Goodman Community Pool opens its gates for the community.

“People really wanted this pool open. They’re really happy that it is open,” said recreation services coordinator Josh Schmitt. “Especially with the heat were experiencing right now, it’s a great place to come out, cool off and enjoy the day with your family.”

The pool had a late start and an early close last year due to COVID. This year, the water is running and welcoming back a larger group.

During the summer last year, the pool was allowed to have 250 guests. This summer they are open for 500 attendees.

“We realize not everybody is comfortable yet, I mean this is brand new. A lot of us are still a bit leery of crowds and getting out and about,” said Schmitt. 

Although the pool is not at its full capacity, guests like Hailee Levander are excited to be back.

“It feels absolutely amazing, I’ve missed coming to the pool. It just feels great to be back,” said Levander.

Pool staff ask people to bring their own chairs and reusable water bottles. Additionally, they encourage guests stay for 2 hours at a time in order to give everyone a chance in the water.

“Not everyone is comfortable in a group setting and with that we want to make sure everybody has chance to use it,” said Schmitt. 

This weekend is yet another sign of returning to normal.

“Having fun with my family and just being able to get back to normal with COVID starting to kinda come down again,” said Levander.

The pool will be open throughout the week with varying hours. Season and day passes are being offered on their website.

Staff say they hope to increase capacity as the summer goes on.