It’s time to pick a spot for public market

Input hearings are scheduled
It’s time to pick a spot for public market

 We’re not sure Madison really needed another study of the potential for a public market, but given the concept of the market has changed a bit over the last 10 years we’ll accept the latest Phase 1 results of the Local Food Committee’s study. Those results are described as overwhelming positive. We agree. So, where shall we put it?

That’s Phase 2, and it begins in a couple of weeks with four public hearings around the city which you will find on the city’s website along with a copy of the Phase 1 report. We were pretty pumped about the original plan to have the market downtown and would still be happy to see it there. But given the new scope of the market, including space to handle large amounts of produce, access to trucks, a production facility and more, other sites may be more appropriate. Park Street in particular comes to mind. But the point of all this is to hear from you. The size of this new market will now be on the order of Pike Market in Seattle. So, where do you want it? Let the city know. Because it’s time to get this thing built.