‘It’s really just great for my optimism on life’: The Farmers’ Market returns to Capitol Square

MADISON, Wis. — For the first time since November 2019, vendors and shoppers returned to Capitol Square to support local at the Farmers’ Market.

Upwards to 20 thousand Wisconsin residents came out Saturday morning to attend the Farmers’ Market.

For some, it was a moment they’ve been waiting for. But for others like Rachel Williams and Aayah Nahhas it was a new experience.

“I’ve heard about this farmers market for a very long time, my friends have hyped it up basically since I’ve moved here so I’m really excited to be experiencing it today,” said Williams. 

Williams and Nahhas moved to Madison last year when the pandemic was at full force. This meant they couldn’t experience the city in all its glory.

“I’ve heard about the farmers market, like its a known Madison thing and I was like “oh I’m missing out on it” but I’m really excited for today,” said Nahhas. “It’s like my first time going out and actually seeing life here since I’ve moved so it’s awesome.”

The Farmers’ Market is nothing new for residents Kyle Casey and Rishabh Ekbote though. 

It’s so exciting the farmers market is back finally, we certainly missed it last summer and I think just having activities like this around the square again is so exciting and so good for the community,” said Casey.

This Saturday was Rishabh Ekbote’s seventh Farmers’ Market and he says it feels the same as it did in 2019.

It feels great, it feels normal. It’s really just great for my optimism on life,” said Ekbote. 

The market will stay on the square every Saturday through November, except for one weekend in September when it moves to Breese Stevens Field to make way for the art fair on the square.

Whether you go for the cheese bread, flowers or locally grown vegetables, the market’s return is another sign of normal life in Madison.