‘It’s kind of quiet these days’: 77 year old barber retires after 50 years

BELLEVILLE, Wis. – After spending over 50 years cutting hair, Belleville’s 77 year old barber closed shop Saturday.

Bill Murphy began his career in 1962 after a high school aptitude test labelled him artistic.

Once he found his calling he bought his grandmother’s house and built and attached a garage.”

People would stop and say’ is that a garage or a barber shop?’ Well I said ‘it’s a barbershop’ and that’s how it got born,” said Murphy.

He said in those early days it took him five years to make a living but he kept at it because he liked people.”

It just worked out fine,” he added.

As he finished up with the last of his customers and said goodbye to his life’s work many of his regulars made sure to drop in offering Murphy gifts and their congratulations.

Bill’s Barber Shop regular of 17 years Kurt Fahey said lots of people are going to miss Murphy.” I always loved being around him, his jokes, goofing around with him,” he added.

Murphy attributes his decades-long steady hand to natural talent and his Irish ancestry.

“You think about retiring and you don’t realize it until you’ve done it I guess,” he said. “I haven’t really quite got it all in my head yet but it’ll come.

“His plans for retirement include getting busy with yard work as he said he doesn’t consider himself one for travel.