‘It’s just been a phenomenon’: Bucks gear selling fast, new championship merch on the way

MONONA, Wis. – Plenty of tired Milwaukee Bucks fans are still excited about the NBA Finals championship win Tuesday night, looking for ways to show their Bucks pride.

From the Deer District to Madison, a lot of Wisconsin was moving slowly Wednesday.

“It was amazing. It was crazy,” said Madison resident, Chris Tanner, who spent time in the Deer District Tuesday night. “I’m still getting my voice back. (It was) 65,000 of our closest friends having a good time and celebrating something I’ve never seen in my life.”

“(I’m) tired, pretty excited,” Madison fan Sam Bohrod said. “It was an emotional evening. I did shed some tears—Giannis-style happy tears.”

All the while, Bucks gear has been going fast in the days and weeks leading up to the championship win.

“It’s just been a phenomenon,” said Lisa Schoeneberg, a manager at Name of the Game, a sports shop in Monona. “I think everyone’s still slow today. Some are still in shock we won it in six.”

Schoeneberg said though sales slowed down a bit Wednesday, they’ve gotten used to being busier than ever.

“This has been nonstop all day every day for like three weeks, almost four weeks,” she said. “It was the busiest and most different situation we ever had.”

Usually, Bucks gear made up about 5% of total sales. Schoeneberg estimates that’s jumped to 80 to 90% in recent days.

“This has been like (an) unbelievable good thing for Wisconsin, for us, after that terrible year last year with no sports,” she said. “Now we win a championship this year, so that’s pretty cool.”

Name of the Game got the first of their championship gear Tuesday morning, with much more to arrive in coming days and weeks.

“I didn’t want to wait,” said Tanner, who stopped by the shop in the afternoon. “I wanted to get it right away.”

“The kids were hoping for a little additional gear in celebration of the victory yesterday, and maybe the parents did as well,” Bohrod said while he and his family shopped at the store.

Even with the championship clinched, fans said the Bucks don’t stop here.

“They want to do another (title), and so I’m with them on that one, but right now I’m just reveling in the victory,” Bohrod said.

“You keep going for the love of the sport, love of the customers that come in,” Schoeneberg said. “Such a great team. What a nice team. That says something wonderful about Wisconsin.”