It’s here: Shovels come out as first snowfall sets in

It’s here: Shovels come out as first snowfall sets in

We may have been fooled a bit by a pleasant November, but Sunday’s snowfall reminds us that it’s winter in Wisconsin.

Verona resident Tiffany Reiber was one of many people shoveling snow across the Madison area.

“I don’t like shoveling, but it’s a necessary evil,” she said. “If you live in Wisconsin, you’ve gotta expect to shovel snow.”

Even though Reiber said she prepared for the snowfall, it doesn’t make shoveling it any more fun.

“When my driveway’s clear, and I don’t have ice buildup on it, that’s my favorite part,” Reiber said.

Back indoors, hardware stores like Verona Ace Hardware are seeing people come in to buy shovels and salt.

Store manager Deb Zettle said sales have been brisk.

“It’s been real peppy,” she said.

The store’s shovel section was not quite picked clean- but close.

“We sold quite a few shovels this morning, we’re getting more in on Thursday for our next shipment,” Zettle said.

Zettle said it’s possible this snowfall took a few customers by surprise after a nice November.

“I think it hit them by surprise thinking we were gonna have a nice mild (winter), but here we are with snow,” Zettle said.

As for Reiber, she said winter is about getting the parts of the season that aren’t so fun, like shoveling wet, heavy snow, done and over with and thinking of the positives.

Because, after all, there could be more of it.

“It is the worst kind, but there’s not enough here to make it too bad,” Reiber said.

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