It’s Almost Thanksgiving and Always Time for Pie

It’s Almost Thanksgiving and Always Time for Pie
These French heirloom pumpkins are grown locally and make for a delicious pie filling.

“Geez it’s cold! And you look thin. Too thin. How are you going to survive in this cold without a little meat on your bones? Better come in for some pie and hot coffee.”

Motherly advice, recently posted on Humble’s Facebook page, from Shelly Cross and Jill Long, two southern sisters who are up to their elbows in pie crust, pumpkins, apples and cranberries in this week before Thanksgiving, that most glorious of all holidays centered on so much good food and family tradition.

“There are some things you just associate with Thanksgiving,” says Cross. And that is pumpkin pie, a traditional recipe offering up rich and creamy goodness. At Humble, they take it a step further by featuring locally grown and absolutely gorgeous French heirloom pumpkins.

But pumpkin pie isn’t the only thing these sisters are whipping up at their Allen Street bakery. They know how to melt some of this premature Madison snow with a little southern soul, steaming up the windows of their cozy bake shop with the scent of such holiday flavors as buttered rum apple pie, gingery sweet potato cardamom, their mother’s cranberry relish pie with honey sour cream and Granny’s Alabama pecan. And for something deliciously different to brighten your dessert table, they have created a carrot mixed nut pie with cream cheese whipped cream. Carrot cake in a pie, my friends. 

Cross and Long are bringing us home for the holidays, baking up tasty Thanksgiving memories and revealing autumn in all its glory, even if ours lies hushed beneath a bit of snow.