‘It’s almost like you’re treasure hunting’ : Amidst a pandemic, cleaning supply companies search for products

JANESVILLE, Wis. – Supply companies like OfficePro in Janesville say since COVID-19 has developed into a pandemic, maintaining supplies of cleaning solution has become more difficult each day.

“We’re dealing with customers calling and saying, ‘When’s it coming in? When’s it coming in?” said OfficePro founder Jamin Arn. “We’re just doing the best that we can.”

Arn says demand for disinfectants, wipes, soaps and other cleaning supplies has been consistently high for the last three weeks.

“We were exhausting every resource that we had,” he said. “If somebody wants something in a category that we can’t get, we try to find it anywhere that we can.”

While OfficePro has contracts with customers throughout the midwest, Arn says a large amount of the cleaning supplies stay within the Rock County community.

“It’s your law office downtown,” he said. “It’s your school district. It’s the county.”

Still, he says attempting to meet the demand while managing limited supplies has been a challenge.

“It’s almost like you’re treasure hunting and you’re like ‘Hey, I can get 50 cases of hand sanitizer’,” he said. “Great. Let’s figure out who’s going to get a case each.”