‘It’s a recipe for disaster’: Security expert says in-home cameras can be a risk

Multiple incidents of home security cameras getting hacked were reported after voices came over the devices speaking to people from somewhere outside the home.

One incident, from Mississippi involved a stranger playing music through a Ring camera in a young girl’s bedroom. He told the young girl he was Santa Claus and asked her to be his best friend.

Information security instructor at Madison College Mike Masino said it’s possible for people to find a way to hack into these security devices and then share that information online.

“Manufacturers secure them. They set them up, but generally speaking, eventually somebody always finds a way into them,” Masino said.

Masino added that if a device has a camera or microphone, it is possible for a stranger to see and hear inside your home.

“As well as it works for you, it can work for somebody who can listen in or watch what’s going on,” Masino said. “Assume that somebody is going to get into it.”

Parents Worst Nightmare. A man hacks the indoor security camera of an 8-year-old girl’s room. How can you protect your family? Madison College IT Security instructor Mike Masino has the answer at 10 p.m. on @WISCTV_News3. @GabbyBachara pic.twitter.com/5JZMclVSbc

— Madison College News (@MadCollNews) December 13, 2019

“You just got to decide what risks with this you’re willing to accept,” Masino said. “It’s not rampant where every camera is getting broken into, but it’s a possibility.”

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