Items inside former Janesville Pick ‘n Save auctioned off

Store closed in early November

Hundreds of items from the former Janesville Pick ‘n Save were open for bidding Tuesday.

Badger Corporation, an industrial and commercial auction and appraisal firm, is hosting the auction, according to an online flyer .

The auction started at 10:30 a.m. and people can bid online and in person at the store located at 1717 Center Ave. Auctioneer Ted Fleisner estimated the auction would last until 8 p.m.

“There’s some great opportunities. You’re buying for 20 cents, 30 cents on the dollar, so wonderful opportunity if you’re looking for some startup equipment. If you’re thinking about the restaurant business, catering business, small market business, it would be a great opportunity,” Fleisner said.

The items listed for sale include cart corrals, trash cans, bike racks, soda machines and shopping carts.

Fleisner said there were registered bidders from at least 13 states and three countries.

“We have restaurateurs here today. We have market people here today. We have jobbers, as we call them, people that are dealers that do the reselling of the company,” Fleisner said. “Majority of the buyers that you see here today are people that are going to use this equipment in a bakery, deli and meat department.”

The state Department of Workforce Development announced in September that the grocery store, which is the only one on the city’s south side , would close in early November.

Items inside former Janesville Pick ‘n Save auctioned off

In a statement from Pick ‘n Save’s parent company, Roundy’s, a spokesperson said the company decided to close the Janesville location because “after careful consideration of the long-term financial performance of this store, our efforts did not bring about the results needed to meet our business goals and objectives.”

According to the notice, 71 employees were affected , but Roundy’s said the employees would be offered positions at other stores.

Janesville economic development director Gale Price said the city’s next closest grocery store is the Sentry on the city’s west side. The store is about 2 miles from the former Pick ‘n Save location and even farther for people who live farther south.

Price said with the store’s closure, the area is now considered a food desert because there is not a grocery store within 1 mile.

Items inside former Janesville Pick ‘n Save auctioned off