‘It was really scary’: Neighbors react to man shot and killed on north side

MADISON, Wis. – Madison police are investigating a homicide on the north side, which is the city’s second in a 24-hour span.

According to police, officers originally responded to the East Bluff Condominiums area about 2:40 p.m. Wednesday. They said witnesses told them they saw at least one person in a vehicle shoot at another vehicle.

“I was just getting home, and I heard four or five big cracks, big booms, and I thought it was fireworks and didn’t pay too much attention to it,” said Amber Rauzman, who lives nearby. “Then I heard glass shattering, and I looked as I was about to enter my house, cars were pulling away and a guy was slumped out of the car, and it was just really scary.”

Police said one of the vehicles was later found on the 400 block of N. Sherman Ave., with a man shot dead in the passenger seat.

“It’s crazy,” said Kathy Chapin, who lives on the block. “Police cars everywhere, at least 12 of them. I asked my husband what’s going on. He said, ‘I can’t see anything.’ We were told there was a shootout earlier and it ended up here.”

Chapin said she’s spent most of her life living in this area, and calls the neighborhood quiet and safe.

“It’s great. You can trust each other,” Chapin said. “(I feel) a little anxious. Why here?”

Rauzman said shootings near her house happen enough to worry her.

“Stuff like this can happen anywhere,” she said, adding that the latest shooting has left her feeling helpless.

“I’d love to go and help the infrastructure and change things,” Rauzman said. “It feels like there’s nothing I can do at the moment to make it better.”