‘It meant the world’: Community members answer call to build wheelchair ramp for woman battling cancer

BOSCOBEL, Wis. – A Boscobel family going through a hard time is getting some help from an unexpected place.

Jen Currier’s family members describe her as easy to love.

“(She’s) nice, sweet, kind,” said Rickie Nicholson, Currier’s partner of 28 years.

“She’s amazing,” Currier’s sister, Julie Post said.

What’s not so easy is talking about Currier’s illness. Her mother, Lois Fanta, said Currier got diagnosed with cancer that’s spread to her brain, breasts, kidneys and liver and left her needing a wheelchair.

“It’s been in and out of the hospital with her,” Fanta said.

Coming home from the hospital was nearly impossible with Currier’s old ramp.

“It was really steep,” Post said. “My sister actually had to crawl up the ramp a few times when she got sick.”

Post asked for help on the Iowa County Confessions Facebook page.

“Right away I wanted to do it,” said Jason Deal of Hollandale. “Something just said, ‘Go help them.'”

“We just wanted to help out, make it better for them,” said Larry Beckett from Dodgeville.

Beckett, Deal and Dalton Thomas, also of Dodgeville, were strangers to the family before the post. They came out and built the ramp with materials donated from others in the community.

“I feel like we’ve all been in need before,” Thomas said. “It’s awesome to give back.”

“It let me know that angels still do exist in this world,” Post said. “Being that my sister has terminal cancer, her and her partner and their kids have been struggling financially, so it made a huge, huge difference.”

Fanta said the new ramp is much easier to navigate with her walker.

“I cried at first and it was like, ‘Oh my god,’” Fanta said. “That was a lot simpler compared to what I was going up before.”

“It touched my heart a lot,” Nicholson said. “(Currier) loved it. She thought it was great.”

Nicholson said he has more peace of mind now while his partner is currently in the hospital.

“They’re only giving her so much time,” Nicholson said. “That’s why this ramp is really something.”

When Currier comes home the next time, things will be a little easier, and that means a lot.

“It meant the world to our whole family,” Post said. “It did.”

Family members said Currier’s biggest wish is to hear from her favorite band, Imagine Dragons, but she’d also love to receive cards and notes in the mail from community members, as well. Those interested can send a letter or donation to Rickie Nicholson at PO Box 34, Boxcobel, WI, 53805.