‘It is what it is’: Wedding planning with Covid-19 uncertainty

MADISON, Wis. – For nearly two years the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted nearly everything–including weddings, at its peak it was the reason for countless ceremonies being canceled or reimagined and the entire wedding industry has taken a major blow.

This weekend at the Alliant Energy Center local business WedPlan hosted its annual winter wedding show welcoming back three times as many attendees as last year but still not reaching pre pandemic levels.

“A lot of these vendors I call friends and even when things are going bad like I felt like we had to keep going because we are supportive of what they’re doing,” said expo organizer and owner of WedPlan, Dana Gee.

Gee has been in the business of love for 27 years and she said that many of the event’s vendors rely on the show for their livelihood–hoping those in attendance will help revive the multi-billion dollar industry.

High School sweethearts Olivia Seton and Joe Sakowski attending the event looking for inspiration–their big day just 9 months away.

“It’s really fun to kind of look at ideas and get inspired but it can be stressful trying to find people that are available for our date,” said Seton.

Not helping with the Stress the Covid-19 and unlike the engaged couple’s wedding, the end of the pandemic does come with a save the date.

Sakowski said he and his fiancé are trying to stay optimistic, planning the wedding they want to have but are prepared to make adjustments.

“If we have to push it back it is what it is but we want everyone to be safe,” said Seton.

For now the young couple is going to focus on the things they can control and just actually getting married

Event organizers did have measures in place over the weekend to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 like requiring masks, spacing out vendor booths, and limiting cross paths.