It is indeed self evident that we are all created equal

The truth of the Declaration today
It is indeed self evident that we are all created equal

The absolutely beauty and joy of poetry is found in both the artistry and meaning of the poet, and power of the words as read and interpreted by each individual reader.

So too is it with the Declaration of Independence, the signing of which we celebrate on July 4 th . And on July 4 th , 2014, the document that established our country, if not our government, has never rung more true, “with certain unalienable rights,” including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

More important today, and always, “all men” have been endowed with these rights because “all men are created equal.” Those are the words that are so powerful today.

That there are those who would define those words based on an arbitrary interpretation of what the founding fathers may or may not have meant is an acceptable result of the freedoms the document proposes. But on this Fourth of July let’s recommit ourselves to protecting the unalienable rights of all men, because all ARE created equal. And the truth of that is indeed self-evident.