Humane Society seeks donations after severely sick kitten found on desolate road

MIDDLETON, Wis. – If your New Year’s resolution is to give a little more, the Sauk County Humane Society hopes you’ll consider the case of 10-week-old Mikey.

Animal care workers are nursing a very sick kitten back to health after he was found alone outside by Devil’s Head Resort on New Year’s Eve.

Rachel Leuzinger of the Sauk County Humane Society said an out-of-state couple took a wrong turn and found Mikey on a desolate highway.

His eyes were caked shut with gunk from a severe respiratory infection, and the humane society believes the kitten was alone for a while because of his matted fur and dead leaves frozen to his skin.

“It is heartbreaking,” Leuzinger said. “To think that a few more hours and he probably would have been dead. He is so thin and with the snowstorm, it was so cold out.”

Mikey is now doing much better, being cared for at the VCA Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center in Middleton for pneumonia and a possibly enlarged heart.

“Whether he was dumped on the side of the road or an offspring from a cat that wasn’t spayed, we just don’t know, but he’s obviously been around people at some point, because he loves being pet,” Leuzinger said. “He’s asking for belly rubs and snuggles and he specifically likes to have his chin rubbed.”

Leuzinger said Mikey’s case points out the importance of spaying and neutering pets and not letting them outdoors.

The humane society is asking for donations to help with Mikey’s emergency care, which will likely be expensive. Leuzinger said the society spent more than $20,000 on emergency care last year, including a cat who was nearly decapitated while staying in a car engine for warmth.

“Being an open admissions shelter, we take any type of animal in any condition. Animals like Mikey who need extraordinary care,” she said. “Every dollar counts and every dollar will help us care for animals like Mikey.”

More information on donating can be found here.