‘It didn’t feel like work’: As GAP prepares to close at West Towne Mall, the store’s original employees reunite

MADISON, Wis – Several former GAP employees reunited for the first time in years, ahead of the store’s closing at the West Towne Mall.

The store, which will close at the end of the weekend, is one of more than 100 to close nationally in 2020.

“I think shopping has just changed in general,” said former employee Gina Riesen. “Which is sad when you think about what we had.”

Riesen and other coworkers met outside of the store on Saturday to trade stories and reconnect. It was the first time many had seen each other in years.

“We spent just about every night together,” said Connie Cronin. “When we merchandised, a lot of the times we would come in like ten o’clock and stay til two in the morning.”

Cronin said the news the store was closing was disappointing, but not surprising.

“With everything going on in the industry and with retail stores, I was sad it was happening but not surprised it was happening,” she said.

“It’s online shopping, and for me it’s the smaller shops,” Riesen said.

Despite the store closing, Riesen, Cronin, and the rest of the former employees say they’re glad for their time at the GAP, because it brought them together.