‘It brought the whole day back’: First responders in Middleton workplace shooting react to Molson Coors

MIDDLETON, Wis. — The Molson Coors shooting in Milwaukee is bringing back memories of an office shooting in Middleton.

The Middleton Police Department and Dane County Sheriff’s Department were part of a team of law enforcement who responded to an active shooter situation at the Middleton software company Paradigm on Sept. 19, 2018.

“It brought the whole day right back,” Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney said of the situation.

Mahoney and Chuck Foulke, who was the chief of Middleton Police at the time of the shooting, spoke to News 3 Now about how they felt when they first heard about the deadly shooting in Milwaukee.

“Every time I hear about one of these in the United States it’s just a pit in my stomach, and I know it is for so many other people, especially the victims of Paradigm,” Foulke said.
It’s been a year and five months since the Paradigm shooting. Foulke expressed both sympathy and frustration telling News 3 Now that nothing has changed in terms of policy despite calls for change.

“Some of our legislators made comments right before the shooting, talk about timing. They were saying that there were going to be no changes to our gun laws and I just found that tone deaf,” Foulke said.

Mahoney echoed that sentiment.

“I think all law enforcement, wherever you come down on second amendment issues, we all agree that there are some people in society who should not have access to firearms,” Mahoney said.

For now the two law enforcement leaders are doing what they can. Foulke expressed the importance of counseling to help heal from such a traumatic event, telling News 3 Now that really helped his department. Mahoney said his department has dedicated two deputies whose sole focus is to train businesses, places of worship, and schools on how to react in the event of an active shooter situation.

Mahoney said Paradigm reached out to him to help him connect the Middleton business with Molson Coors in hopes of offering support.

“Last night I got an email from staff at Paradigm wanting to make contact with Molson Coors to share their experience and how they survived with their staff, it’s just amazing me with all they had to deal with and continue to deal with,” Mahoney said.