Issue with feces at City-County building continues, employees say

It’s not a new sight for anyone who walks past the Madison’s City-County Building, but it’s one that Judicial Clerk Kelly McConnell is tired of seeing.

“I have never heard of anyone else that I know of having to work in a building where this is going on,” McConnell said. “The past two years has been pretty bad as far as it goes, but I’ve noticed an increase of people and new people here now over the past few months.”

Piles of clothes, belongings and food have been stacking up at the CCB, but McConnell said it’s not only the outside of the building that’s being impacted.

“They use this place as their bathroom, they use the grates outside the building as their bathroom and that’s like ventilation for the building,” McConnell said. “There is garbage everywhere. No one can use the benches or anything outside during the day because they are all soiled.”

Someone recently soiled an area near the courtroom — it’s not the first time someone left a solid problem for employees. Now, McConnell believes the pileups are attracting mice and rats.
It’s a situation the county said it’s trying to stop.

“We’ve had private security come into the area trying to make sure, you know sweeping buildings, checking bathrooms to make sure after all the employees are gone there are not people hiding in the bathrooms and then they can stay here overnight,” said Dan Lowndes, Dane County Risk Manager.

But until the homeless find another place to call home, homeless advocate Brenda Konkle said the CCB will continue to see more of the same.

“What we need is a safe and sanitary place for people to sleep in. People need an alternative and until there is an alternative this is what we have,” Konkle said.

The county has plans to pay for an offsite storage space across from the CCB where homeless can store their belongings. They hope to have that installed by the first of May.

The county is also working to pass a no trespassing ordinance that would eliminate anyone from being on the property after hours.