Is washing your car necessary in the winter?

Is washing your car necessary in the winter?

On warmer winter days many drivers head to the car wash, but how beneficial is a car wash after a long cold snap? Car experts said it’s very important.

John Aspinwall, the owner of Mermaid Car Wash on Madison’s west side, recommends washing your car once every week during the winter, at the very minimum once a month. Because the salt used to de-ice the road could de-paint your car if you’re not careful.

You also want to make sure hard to reach places like the undercarriage of the car, get it washed to prevent rust. Waxing your car or using other sealants will also add a layer of protection between your paint and the corrosive salt.

You can wash your car yourself too. During the winter be sure to mix baking soda in the water to help dissolve dried salt. However, Aspinwall said taking your vehicle to a car wash rather than washing it yourself might be more eco-friendly, because their water drains into a sanitary sewer rather than the storm water sewer preventing it from going into the lakes.