Is the Trump cult becoming a death cult?


MADISON, Wis. — At some point you’d think that the morning headlines would become less shocking.

Then, you look at the news and discover the state of Tennessee has decided to stop recommending vaccinations for its children and has fired its top vaccination official without providing a reason.

I’m not quite sure why this is happening but the thought seems to be that requiring – or even recommending – that parents have their kids vaccinated goes against freedom, or something.

We’re not just talking about the COVID vaccine here, though the fact that COVID vaccinations are controversial boggles the mind. Tennessee is now washing its hands of any vaccine: measles, whooping cough, polio, you name it – but Tennessee won’t.

Why this insanity?

Because disciples of former president Donald Trump have decided that vaccinations are devious liberal plots.

It’s worth noting that Trump, himself, has said nothing of the sort. He would like credit for the COVID vaccine and, to be honest, deserves some credit. It’s not true there would be no vaccine without him, but he was president and did back the development of the life-saving product.

But Trumpism is rapidly moving ahead the Trump. Republicans all over the country are backing laws restricting the right to vote and changing who gets to certify votes that are cast. In Oklahoma, where Trump outpolled Biden by a two-to-one margin, some Republican official is calling for a forensic audit of the ballots, apparently because he can’t believe Biden would win any votes at all.

In fact, the 2020 election, which Trump and his acolytes decry as fraudulent, was a very good election for Republicans not named Trump. Just ask Biden, who has to rely on a tie vote in the Senate to get anything done.

There is a Trump cult. There are millions of people who believe every word he says, even if every fact known to man proves him wrong.

But the real danger of cults is that they outrun their founders and begin to glorify death as a culmination. You might remember Jonestown.

Two days ago, I would never have made this claim about Republicans in the Trump cult.

Then, Tennessee washed its hands of vaccines.