Is Donald Trump Our Nigerian Prince?

I’m beginning to wonder if Donald Trump may turn out to be our version of the Nigerian Prince.

If you have email, you are probably are familiar with what I’m talking about.

We periodically get messages from someone who purports to be a Nigerian prince who is fleeing his country but needs help in retaining his millions of dollars.  And he has picked ME to help him do so.

All I have to do is send him some money to help effect the transfer process and I, in turn, will become a millionaire.

Should I be gullible enough to do so, the prince will lament a new problem has arisen and he needs a little more of my money.  Well, in for a dime, in for a dollar. I send him more money to protect the investment I have already made.

That goes on for a while. As it does, I become more and more convinced there really is a Nigerian prince because, otherwise, I will have to face up to the fact that I have sent my life savings to a fraud.

Why is it that normally sane people are willing to give up every value they’ve ever held in order to protect Donald Trump?

The latest example is that the FBI recently carried out a search warrant on his Florida property, obtaining materials with high security classifications that weren’t supposed to be there.

This elicited not second thoughts by Trump supporters but, rather, cries to defund the FBI, right up to the point that individual agents may need personal security.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a press release promising – should he become speaker of the House and second in line to the presidency next year – to make his first priority investigating the Justice Department.

Almost every Republican congressman who voted to impeach Trump because he instigated an insurrection at the Capitol in 2021 has now been defeated in attempts to retain public office.

This is inexplicable unless it is possible that, having given Trump their trust in the past and seen that trust betrayed over and over and over, people think they have so much of their personal integrity invested in the Trump myth that they have to ignore facts and evidence and, instead, double down on their bet.

Trump’s reaction, incidentally, was to issue statements of outrage followed by appeals for money.