Interest in Cosmetic Surgery is on the Rise

Experts Say to Look for Accredited Providers
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The pandemic has spurred a renewed interest in cosmetic surgical solutions, with some offices seeing patient spikes as high as 30%, according to industry studies.

That increased interest is viewed by industry experts as a positive development, and experts say it’s more important than ever to pick the right provider.

“We have extensive experience and beautiful results using some of the most advanced fractionated laser technologies.”
– Dr. Kevin Roberston, Owner Robertson Cosmetic Center

Dr. Kevin Robertson, owner of Robertson Cosmetic Center, says the nurses at his Middleton and Sun Prairie clinics complete injections every day, unlike the hit-or-miss level of expertise found at pop-up medical spas. And while pop-ups focus solely on injections, Robertson offers a wide range of facial plastic surgery.

“We are able to respond to all patients’ needs with physician-driven input and oversight,” says Robertson.

Robertson Cosmetic Center offers comprehensive cosmetic services, including skin care. The clinic has a Sciton laser, which allows staff to perform Halo services or Moxi, a procedure for younger clients or patients with less-severe aging changes affecting their skin.

The team stays abreast of advances in technology and is always exploring ways to make cosmetic procedures less invasive while minimizing recovery time.

“I feel Robertson Cosmetic Center is most effective in addressing the patient’s needs because of our full palette of services,” says Robertson.

“We can take a patient from skin care to injectable to surgery all in-house and all in the same practice.”