Insider tips for coffee shops around Madison

Learn how to sip like a pro
Insider tips for coffee shops around Madison
Amanda Gunderman

Sure, you’ve been to these spots and know them well, but these insider tips will keep you drinking like a local.

If you’ve lived in Madison long enough, there is a good chance you’ve visited at least one of EVP’s five locations throughout the city. But have you been to Oasis Cafe in Fitchburg? Owned by former EVP employee Paul Schwoerer (the Paul behind Madison’s popular Russian dumpling spot Paul’s Pel’meni), Oasis serves EVP’s roasted coffee and — you guessed it — those delicious dumplings.

Making your life simpler (and more caffeinated), Barriques offers a door-to-door coffee subscription. For $18.45 a month, Barriques will deliver a one pound of fresh-roasted, single-origin coffee to your door at the beginning of each month (see Barriques’ website for more details).

Mint Mark has free espresso on Mondays! Served with a chaser of fizzy water! Until 3 p.m.! In-house only! The free energy boost might lead to excessive use of exclamation points! You’ve been warned!

At Johnson Public House, order your pour over and stake out the best seats in the house — the stools facing the picture windows looking out onto East Johnson Street. It’s a prime spot to watch the world go by, and there are plenty of outlets for your laptop.

Head to Colectivo Coffee’s Monroe Street location at 6 p.m. on the second Saturday of the month for free live music featuring members of the Madison Classical Guitar Society and Monroe Street Arts Center. If you aren’t into drinking coffee in the evening, you can order craft beer.