Inside look at manhunt for wanted Janesville suspect

Officials explain what it's like as they patrol
Inside look at manhunt for wanted Janesville suspect

Police officers are putting in longer hours and sheriff’s deputies are working more shifts as they continue to search for a man accused of stealing high-end weapons from a Janesville gun shop.

Officials said Joseph Jakubowski smashed in the front door of Armaggedon April 4 and walked out with a duffel bag full of weapons and ammunition.

Since then, Jakubowski has basically disappeared .

“It’s slightly frustrating, but I believe we’re confident that we’ll locate him, take him into custody without any issues and keep the community safe,” Janesville police Officer Bryan Naber said.

Naber was born and raised in Janesville, and he said he became a police officer to help people who can’t fight for themselves. Now, he’s protecting his community.

“The quicker we’re able to resolve this, I think the community will feel better and they can take that sigh of relief,” Naber said.Inside look at manhunt for wanted Janesville suspect

While patrolling the community Wednesday morning, Naber said he’s always on the lookout for Jakubowski.

“You’re more apt to look at the cars as you’re driving past them just to see if somebody is crouching down in the back,” Naber said. “Someone walking down the street, you make sure that’s not him, people in disguises or anything like that.”

Naber said he’s been putting in extra hours to help the community feel safe.

“I did a church detail last Sunday, and we’re doing another one this Sunday,” he said.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office is operating with all hands on deck. Sheriff Robert Spoden said at least three deputies have been added to every shift.

“It’s definitely something that is the forefront of thinking then on your tactics and approaches and your daily movements,” Deputy Beau Douglas said on his patrol Wednesday afternoon.

He said he hopes the community continues to keep an eye out for Jakubowski.

“You don’t want to get complacent, so you don’t want it to continue to be a threat to the public or the citizens or yourself,” Douglas said. “If (you) see something, say something because it could be that tip that ends up leading to the contact with Joseph.”

The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to Jakubowski’s arrest. He is considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. People who see him should call 911 immediately, and people with information about where he might be should call 1-800-CALLFBI.