Initial Responses Positive

And we should hold people accountable for them.
Initial Responses Positive




Like you, we’ve been listening closely to both the winners and losers from last Tuesday’s elections, looking for signs of leadership and a willingness to finally do the business of legislating and governing in the interests of the citizens of this country. And we’ve been hearing some positive statements. President Obama, Majority Leader Boehner, likely state Assembly speaker Vos and Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald, to name a few, have all indicated a willingness to move beyond political gridlock to get some work done.

Now, to be sure, we’ve heard all this before. And there are reasons to believe neither side is sincere in anything they say right now. But the reason we bring it to your attention is simply to not miss the opportunity to hold these folks accountable. They are on the record, and should they indeed revert to form as some are predicting we’ll have something to pin on them. We sincerely hope we don’t have to.