Indianapolis court reporters are Nigel Hayes fans now

Indianapolis court reporters are Nigel Hayes fans now

Linda Bour has spent the last two decades trying to avoid the spotlight as a court reporter. In fact, if she is noticed, it’s usually not a positive.

“It’s one of the reasons I entered the field,” she said. “I don’t like to speak. I like to be in the background.”

Yet she is happy to emerge from the shadows to discuss her new favorite basketball team and player.

“I am a Badger fan now,” she said. “I’m a Nigel fan.”

Ever since Hayes playfully bantered with an NCAA transcriptionist during the Sweet 16 weekend in Los Angeles by trying to stump her with words like “Caddywumpus” and “Xylophone,” some of the members of the National Court Reporters Association have been happy to talk about the NCAA.

“It is important to realize this is a skill not everyone can do,” said Bour, of training to type 225 words a minute with only a 3 percent error rate. “It’s nice to have someone notice it.”

Bour said she shares a love of words with Hayes and that she’s had her own challenges at times recording interviews. Specifically, she remembers a time at a medical deposition.

“The doctor was saying sniffing and scarring, sniffing and scarring, sniffing and scarring, and I’m like, ‘Why would he be saying sniffing and scarring”‘” Bour said. “Then, my husband walks by and says, ‘Significant scarring,’ so it’s funny what we hear and what comes out sometimes.”