Independently Healthy

erved by four hospitals and three major HMOs, Dane County also has an abundance of physicians who’ve set up their own group practices. Sometimes these doctors strike out on their own simply because they can. “When you have a bunch of nationally prominent physicians who could go anywhere, which you do in Madison,” says one industry observer, “you have a bunch of stallions who want to call the shots on everything.” Other groups are organized around the type of specialties, such as angioplasties and other types of interventional cardiology, that provide physicians with high reimbursement rates and a steady supply of patients. And still other independent groups are long-standing primary care and family practice groups whose doctors prefer to navigate Dane County’s HMO-saturated terrain without losing their autonomy.

Here’s a sampling:

COMMUNITY-MINDED CARE With two locations—on East Washington Avenue and South Park Street—Access Community Health Centers are public health clinics offering sliding-scale fees.

PARTNER APPROACH An old-line, main-line internal medicine clinic, Associated Physicians also provides surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics.

GENDER BIAS A focus on women’s health grew Melius, Schurr & Cardwell from an obstetrics practice into a clinic specializing in all aspects of women-centric health care.

FAMILY MATTERS Families in Madison and Cottage Grove choose Wildwood Family Clinic for its full scope of family-practice services and personalized care.

FOCUS ON FERTILITY The Wisconsin Fertility Institute in Middleton specializes in infertility (including in-vitro fertilization) and reproductive endocrinology.

STRAIGHT TO THE HEART Cardiology and vascular care are the specialties practiced at Wisconsin Heart & Vascular Institute cardiovascular clinincs.

AIR SUPPLY Three M.D.s offer a controversial treatment for autism and brain injuries at the Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center in Fitchburg.