Indelible Impressions: Capitol City Tattoo

Captiol City Tattoo finalist for best tattoo shop
Indelible Impressions: Capitol City Tattoo
Nikki Hansen
Capitol City Tattoo

When Brian Jansen opened Capitol City Tattoo in 2000, he wanted a place where people felt comfortable as soon as they walked through the door. Even though getting a tattoo has become more popular in recent decades, Jansen says people still have some trepidation about permanently inking their body.

“I definitely feel like tattoo is an art,” says Jansen, who adds that he himself is covered in tattoos. “You can attach all the mystical mumbo jumbo you want to tattooing; but at the end of the day, tattooing is a service.” And that’s why, he says, Capitol City Tattoo clients are treated like family.

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