In the midst of coronavirus, doctors say it’s important to keep kids on a routine during summer

MADISON, Wis. — As families make the shift from virtual learning to summer break, experts say it’s important to still keep a routine for your children.

As businesses begin to reopen in our area, it’s still a summer of uncertainty. Large outdoor events and concerts have been cancelled and many summer staples like camps and pools are still closed.

SSM Health family medicine physician Laura Mendyk says studies show routines are important for kids at every age, including a wake up time, meal times and regular bed time.

She said during the pandemic, setting a schedule and planning activities will lead to healthy habits and will help children cope with the feelings of missing out on fun summer events.

“The only thing we know with COVID is that it’s going to change. And beyond that we can’t tell you what’s going to be happening a month from now, two months from now, so scheduling things one week at a time based on what your local area recommendations are from the public health department is going to be your best approach to this,” said Dr. Mendyk.

She suggests visting a state park as a family or coming up with other safe activities to give kids something to look forward to, without planning too far out.

Dr. Mendyk wants to stress that parents should make sure their children continue to make it a priority to wash their hands. She recommends families also continue social distancing and wearing masks while out.