In the 608: Wonewoc student creates chair in honor of Kobe Bryant

WONEWOC, Wis. – One area student is doing some incredible work in honoring an NBA legend. We just passed the anniversary of the death of Kobe Bryant, and there’s a teen here in the 608 who’s remembering him in a very special way.

It all started as a way to raise money for the arts department at Wonewoc-Center Schools. They’re in the middle auctioning off his project this week.

News 3 Now had the chance to catch up with Anthony Myers. The 16-year-old created a chair to commemorate Kobe Bryant, who you’ll remember died in a helicopter crash one year ago.

It has the Lakers colors of course, but he went even further in adding his jersey number, birth and death date, and his name.

“I didn’t watch much basketball, but I do like playing so I thought it’d be a nice thing to do,” Myers said.

Every few years, the Wonewoc-Center School District does an auction in order to help raise money for the arts department. The school collects old chairs for the students to work on.

Megan Danahy is Anthony’s art teacher.

“It’s super rewarding as his art teacher,” Danahy said. “Artwork does make a difference and the things that you’re making can bring a smile to someone’s face, even if you feel like you’re doing just a project, it’s so much more than that.”

Anthony made the chair last year, but the true in-person auction had to be canceled at that time due to COVID-19.

The district is now auctioning off one chair per week online. The bidding for his chair ends at 10 a.m. on Monday, February 8.