In the 608: Woman creates “Imperfekt Bites” after sharing her family’s passion for baking

MADISON, Wis. – A Wisconsin woman is following in her family’s footsteps as a new entrepreneur in the 608. She’s created a new treat you can feel better about when indulging.

We’re talking about the daughter of Michelle Clasen of Clasen’s Bakery. Jessica Wuesthofen created Imperfekt Bites after graduating from culinary school.

She’s now a third generation German chocolatier, taking after her grandfather and mother, but she’s taking a new approach and a new path.

She calls the Imperfekt Bites a healthy indulgence you can feel good about. These bites are handcrafted confections, combining nostalgic flavors and functional ingredients.

Wuesthofen says she wanted to come up with a healthier, thoughtful snack that you don’t have to guilt yourself over after eating. The idea came from a traditional German chocolate cookie called a mandelsplitter, which you’ll find at her family’s bakery in Middleton.

“I think I had about twenty different samples, and I would give them out to my friends and they would critique them,” Wuesthofen explained. “That’s where I came up with the three flavors: Go Bananas, Texas Twist and Tropical Mix.”

Her goal was to make satisfying chocolates that are the perfect balanced snack. The bites are rich in minerals, potassium, and vitamin C. She tells News 3 Now the snacks aren’t too chocolate-heavy like some brands that claim they’re healthy.

It was her mission to find the right combination of dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and spices. She’s been grateful to have the support of her family and community behind her every step of the way.

“I feel really lucky to be following in my mother’s and grandfather’s footsteps,” she said. “It also means a lot to me to be doing this in my hometown. I have a lot of friends that I went to high school with who have been reaching out to me and are super excited to try the product.”

You can find the Imperfekt Bites at Clasen’s Bakery in Middleton, along with Metcalf’s and Brennan’s Market locations across the area.

Wuesthofen now lives in Austin, Texas, where you can also find the snack. She spends quite a bit of time traveling back and forth. She says Madison and Austin have many similarities, so she’s excited to see where the market takes her creation.

She also says her little brother is about to finish up culinary school and plans to take over the family bakery here in the 608.