In the 608: Wisconsin man taking fitness to the next level, named “Ultimate Burn Athlete”

MIDDLETON, Wis. – There’s a Wisconsin man taking fitness to the next level. He’s a trainer here in the 608 but is now known for being among some of the best athletes in the nation.

You’ll find Colton Woyak at just about any time of the day at Burn Boot Camp. The Stevens Point native moved to the 608 about five years ago, and now he’s the co-head trainer in Middleton.

“I’ve seen tremendous transformations over the years and to be able to work with so many different people, it’s such a fulfilling job and I’d love nothing more,” Woyak said.

He’s not just a favorite here in the Madison area. Colton’s also been named “Ultimate Burn Athlete” two of the last three years. It’s a competition among trainers, where the best of the best in Burn Boot Camp nationwide, go up against each other.

“It all comes back and really stems from the clients and really practicing what I preach and showing them that I go through it, too,” he explained. “They inspire me every step along the way.”

“Pivot” has been a word a lot of folks have had to use in the last year. This facility, like many gyms in the area, is no exception. They’ve moved from all indoor camps, to the outdoors during the warmer months, and Zoom classes, so members have the option to workout from home. Now they have limited in-person indoor camps available, where you remain in your own square, socially distant, with masks on.

The latest health order by Dane County is good news for their gyms, as they can finally welcome more people back in person, along with increasing the amount of camps.

“We’ve always just pivoted and changed to help adapt to what is best for our members here because no matter what we’re going to find a way to keep going,” Colton added.

Woyak says it’s been a challenge due to COVID-19, but it’s all about moving forward and setting new goals.

No matter the stress level, it’s the people who keep him coming back to lead those early morning and afternoon and evening workouts day after day.

“The community here in the 608 is like no other,” Woyak concluded.

Burn Boot Camp has locations all across the greater Madison area with free trials available both in person and online.