In the 608: Why you should visit Cassville

CASSVILLE, Wis. – We continue to wander Wisconsin this month to give you a closer look at what our state all has to offer.

Cassville is one of the oldest villages in the state. Established in 1827, it’s been named one of the seven most charming river towns in Wisconsin.

At the Solid Ground Cassville Café, you’ll find twin sisters Penny and Patty. Their parents lived in Cassville for twenty years.

Penny and Patty took over the café in March. It’s where their mom spent a number of years cooking and baking, so they just couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring some of her favorite recipes back for the customers.

But that’s just part of why they are proud to call Cassville home.

“I fell in love with the river, the state park and the people that are here,” said Penny.

The twins’ favorite way to get around town is by UTV, and they’re not the only ones. We saw a number of folks doing the exact same thing.

“I have the river outside my kitchen window, and I have the bluffs outside my living room window,” Patty said. “You can’t beat that scenery.”

Standing on the east bank of the Mississippi River, Cassville brings a quaint small-town feel, along with all the amenities and adventures. The village has seen a lot of change over the last decade after the closing of the power plants put many of the locals out of work. But now, Penny and Patty say this is the place to be once again.

“If you just want to get away, and immerse yourself in nature, that’s what you do here.”

The village is rich in history, including the home site of Wisconsin’s first governor, Nelson Dewey. We found crews updating the mansion during our visit.

Just up the road from there is Nelson Dewey State Park, bringing us some of the best views of the area.

We’re told it’s also great for year-round eagle watching.

You can’t miss the fun over at Riverside Park with the Cassville Car Ferry connecting folks from Iowa to Wisconsin. It still costs money to use, but that’s something the village hopes to one day go away from in drawing more tourists the area.

Another new development over the years has been a path along the riverfront.

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