In the 608: UW nurse honoring “Faces of the Pandemic”

Faces Of The Pandemic
Photo Credit: Luke Davis, RN

MADISON, Wis. – There’s a nurse at UW Hospital who’s using his off-time to show support for those he works with day after day.

Luke Davis has been taking photos of his colleagues in working to create a book called “Faces of the Pandemic.”

“I wanted it to be impactful. I wanted it to be the center focus. To just look at their faces and see their eyes and see the emotion in raw form,” Davis said.

The Oregon native is a nurse in the Trauma and Life Support Intensive Care Unit. He’s been with UW Hospital for two years now, half of which has been during the pandemic.

Luke’s always enjoyed photography and tells News 3 Now he wanted to both honor his coworkers and also capture something historic.

“It just kept weighing on me when I’d see my coworkers in their PPE and working in these rooms, and the emotions that were on their faces and the struggles that we were all going through,” Davis explained. “I just thought I have to photograph this, and I have to get permission to do this.”

To make this even more special, you’ll find Luke and his mom, Lisa, who’s also a TLC nurse, side by side in the final copy of the book. Luke says they’ve been able to lean on each other a lot over the last fourteen months, which has been an emotional and rewarding experience.

For now, he plans to make the book available to his colleagues as a way to honor them, but also hopes to find a publisher and push it forward to the rest of the community.

UW Health is celebrating Nurses Week May 10-14.