In the 608: UW Med Flight sharing positive perspective from high in the sky

Med Flight Helipad

MADISON, Wis. – There’s a group of frontline workers going into work with a positive outlook every day, even in the middle of the pandemic.  The UW Health Med Flight team is showing us a different point of view, many of us will never get the chance to see.

They’re images you probably don’t associate with a UW Med Flight call, but the crew members are turning to social media more to share what they see from high in the sky.

Dr. Ryan Wubben has been a Med Flight doctor for eighteen years at UW Health. The views from high up never get old for the physician.

“We get to see a lot of pretty beautiful things,” Dr. Wubben said. “It’s provided us a place to share a little bit of what we see. “We get to see downtown Madison and the lakes and all of Wisconsin from a completely different perspective than most people get to see on a day to day basis.”

Dr. Wubben’s first shot to go viral happened back in 2013 after he posted a picture of the Madison lakes freezing over to Twitter. Ever since then, they’ve been using social media to spread positivity. Dr. Wubben says many of his fellow team members have quite the eye in the sky.

“They’re very good at capturing those moments to balance out the other half of what we see which sometimes isn’t so pleasant,” Dr. Wubben explained.

Kari Sowieja is an RN with the program, making the switch over from the Children’s Hospital to Med Flight about two years ago.

“Being able to go up in a helicopter, and that’s your office, is pretty awesome,” Sowieja said.

Sowieja tells News 3 Now This Morning that every day is so different on the job, finding ways to thrive and survive during the shift is crucial.

“We know we come in and do our aircraft check and our bag check, all of that stuff in the morning, and from there on out we don’t know what’s going to happen,” Sowieja explained. “We don’t know where we’re going to go. We don’t know how long we’re going to be gone.”

That’s why finding a unique perspective of the 608, like amazing views from the sky, is so important for these medical professionals working some long days and nights.

“We’ve just enjoyed capturing that flavor for others to see,” Dr. Wubben concluded.

You can find UW Med Flight posting consistently on all sorts of social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.