In the 608: “The Greatest Button Show on Earth”

MIDDLETON, Wis. – The 2022 National Button Society show was held in Middleton over the last week.

Almost 40 dealers from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Japan, who specialize in button sales, were on display with their little treasures at the Madison Marriot West.

Buttons have a place in history, from everyday buttons to those of foreign royalty. Uniform buttons, both American and foreign, are important to button collectors around the world, as well as re-enactor groups like Civil War buffs.

Organizers say button shows are a way to see buttons, modern, vintage and antique, all in one place.

“Wisconsin of course is the epicenter of the circus entertainment history, and so when we come to Wisconsin there is also access to circus museums and paraphernalia and circus history, and of course, some of our buttons duplicate that effort in a whole bunch of ways,” said volunteer Raney Gilliland.

Wisconsin has eight button clubs that meet regularly to study and discuss buttons.

More than 400 button collectors and enthusiasts came together this time around. Next year the show will be in Portland, Oregon with a new theme, but Wisconsin is one of their favorite places to visit.

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